About Homeopathy

Gentle relief from a range of ailments

Homeopathy is based upon a principle of 'like treats like'.

During a consultation a remedy will be tailor made to most exactly match your symptoms and is administered in an infinitesimally microscopic amount to help the body heal itself.

Homeopathy can help with:

  • Pre-pregnancy (including IVF & related fertility treatments)
  • Pregnancy, labour & delivery
  • Dermatological complaints
  • Allergies & breathing difficulties
  • Ear, nose & throat problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homeopathy Safe? 

Yes. Any member of the family can use Homeopathic remedies, from pregnant women and new borns to the elderly and even pets. Homeopathic can be used in conjunction with orthodox medicine and is non-addictive with no dangerous side effects; providing it is prescribed by an appropriately qualified practitioner.

What qualification should I look for?  

Anyone seeking any form of medical assistance should ensure that the practitioner has undertaken a recognised form of training and holds the appropriate qualifications.

I am a licensed homeopath and also a member of the Faculty of Homeopathic Medicine.